College can be a huge transition for people and that doesn’t even include the hardcore courses we have to take but also the new environment. CCBC is huge and knowing what’s going on on campus can be really helpful. Looking back, I definitely just walked my way through the campus without being present and aware of events, and opportunities that I could have taken advantage of. I would hate for any of the new or returning students to miss out on both fun and educating events that the school has to offer.

The school provides ways for students to know about events, school closings, and life-changing opportunities. One very effective way to know about all the college events is the school’s social media. I know more than half of the school’s population has at least one functioning social media account. It could be Facebook, Instagram, youtube or even twitter. The school’s media department does an amazing job at keeping the social media pages active and updated so be sure to get the most accurate college news on there. I would also like to mention that the school has boards all around the schools and, fun fact, that’s where I saw a posting for my job at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Please, I implore you to read the boards. As an international student, I have to work on campus and like I mentioned I found a posting on the board but the good thing is there is so much more where that came from. There are flyers all around the campuses about opportunities that students can sign up for if only they stopped and read.

Also, the school has a thing called campus alert where students sign up to get message alerts when school is closed for any type of reason. Trust me, that would be very helpful in the winter semester. Drills are also sent in form of text messages, so be sure to sign up!

One final thing I would like to mention is, Ask questions. I am pretty shy and from experience, that’s not a way to get through college. Students can be intimidating and I get it, so if you need any type of help, just stop by the student life office and they will be happy to help you with any campus news or events you need. CCBC can be a huge campus but you can get the best out of it.