CCBC Catonsville Remembers 9/11

Kierra Hunter

On Monday, Sept 11, CCBC held their 9/11 remembrance ceremony on the quad of CCBC Catonsville.

There was very little student presence at the event. The audience mostly consisted of CCBC faculty and staff. In addition, CCBC public safety made their presence known by sitting in the front rows of the ceremony.

The weather, reminiscent to the weather on Sept 11, 2001, was 75 degrees with patches of cold and warm spots throughout the audience. Many attendees opted to sit in the back rows to stay warm under the sun.  According to “Weather Underground,” the temperature on September 11, 2001, was 82 degrees.

Technical difficulties were littered throughout the event. The speakers' microphones cut on and off throughout the event.

The ceremony opened with an introduction by CCBC Catonsville's Student Life Director Daniel L Sym. During his introduction, Sym reflected on the impact and tragedy of the attacks. Sym said, “We encourage you to uphold the obligations made. Never forget the nearly three thousand men, women, and children that perished as a direct result of the September 11 attacks. Today we take time to reflect, memorialize, and mourn the tragic effects of that day.”

The main event followed Sym’s introduction which honored the people who lost their lives on September 11. A moment of silence was proceeded by the national anthem. After speeches from Daniel Sym, CCBC Student and Student Life employee, Brittany Thomas, and Veteran Affairs’ Representative Christina Duncan, people were encouraged to engage in an open forum.

Many of the speeches recounted their experiences and memories of the September 11 attacks.

CCBC President, Sandra L. Kurtinitis, could not be at the ceremony but, left the message “... Today we should rededicate ourselves to the wellspring and compassion that followed 9/11 and extend it to our family, our friends, and our colleagues."

Hurricane Irma and Harvey were constantly referenced throughout the various speeches. Christina Duncan said, ” …Over this last weekend I thought it very ironic that now once again we are suffering through a tragedy with the hurricanes that went through Texas and The Florida Keys.”

Duncan’s speech was one of the few speeches that referenced direct responders. She continued to cite her pride and respect for first responders during times of tragedy. “I am proud to be a part of the brotherhood and the sisterhood of those folks who put their lives on the line to go rushing in and helping when others can't or won’t

Daniel L Sym closed the event with references from the Eric Williams Simon’s article “5 Lessons from 9/11 that Won't be in the History Books.”

Brittany Thomas, who recited the Cassandra L Gilbert poem “I Saw an Eagle Cry”, stated after the event "I wanted to volunteer to speak to get the word out. I was in second grade when it happened, so I don’t really have much memory of it, but it was truly inspiring and great to read this poem."

Students who worked the event handed out ribbons to students and attendees throughout campus.


  1. Deja Ryland 8 October, 2017 at 20:17 Reply

    It is great to see that CCBC took the time to commemorate those who lost their lives during 9/11. The event sounds very powerful with speeches and poems recited, however it is sad to hear that throughout the ceremony the microphone repeatedly cut out. Also, I was unaware of this ceremony which makes me wonder where information was posted. I am glad that CCBC takes the time to acknowledge these type of matters.

  2. Eazyee101 8 October, 2017 at 21:52 Reply

    I enjoyed reading this article, the writer did an excellent job with reporting the event. I believe events like these are important to the students, faculty, and staff. It is a great way for everyone to come together for a common cause, especially in the wake of these recent natural disasters. I believe the nation has to stay unified and we need to lend a helping hand to one another, especially when were against all odds.

  3. Dreyan Bundley 8 October, 2017 at 22:28 Reply

    I think that it is great that CCBC did an event like this. Awareness still needs to be raised of how 9/11 affected many lives. Even though with low student turn out, I think they that it was still a great gesture of respect for victims and the victim families of 9/11. I like the face that different personal were selected to share their recollections of the tragic event. I feel as though, these type of memorials should happen anually at all campuses across the country.

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