Have you ever thought about how the Earth would look like in ten years? fifty years? or a hundred years from now?

Would we still have pretty green trees to hug, clean oceans that would bury our toes in the sand, and fresh air to inhale after a long day at school? According to research, the state of the Earth is not ideal right now. Sea levels are starting to rise, glaciers are starting to melt, animals are suffering from habitat loss, and the maximum temperatures are continuing to increase. As much as we want to help solve everything all at once, we have to work at a local level first: at our home, our neighborhood, or at our college. In our case, at CCBC.

Chi Theta, CCBC Essex’s PTK chapter, recognizes the importance of practicing sustainability at CCBC and has decided to take initiatives toward raising awareness on recycling and CCBC’s progress in maintaining the environment. If you didn’t know yet, we will be having virtual events wherein we will specifically talk about the mentioned topics! As a CCBC student and also an officer in the club, I’m inviting you to attend at least one of them. Chi Theta has also been working on flyers to be put up around the school to remind everyone at CCBC how to recycle properly.

If you’re interested in learning more about CCBC sustainability, our two confirmed virtual event dates will be on November 17, this upcoming Wednesday, at 12:15 PM, and December 8 at 4:00 PM. Fill this form up so I can send you the event details. 🙂

Also, a special thanks to everyone who has filled up the survey from my last blog! ♡ We greatly appreciate it.

That’s the blog for this week! Hope you all have a nice weekend!