Now you may be wondering if all I’m going to do is tell you to apply for FAFSA and tell you how to go about it. While I implore everyone to apply for financial aid regardless of how much your household makes, I am not writing about it. There are numerous uncharted ways to get involved in school for money.

  1. CONSTELLATION: You’re a STEM student? Wait what? You don’t know what STEM means? Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. All you have to do is to get a 2.8 GPA and at least 6 CCBC credit and you’re on your way
  2. HONOR’s PROGRAM: You think you’re an erudite scholar? You’re up for the Honors Class challenge? Then apply to the honors program. All you need is a 3.5 GPA every semester and an A or B in Honors Class and you’re good
  3. STUDENT LIFE: You love being a leader? You don’t get intimidated by a crowd and you’re sure you can give excellent tours or pass across information to a large group of impatient students without losing your cool? Fam, student life is calling you. You just need a 2.3 GPA and at least 6 CCBC credits

Stay tuned for more. If you have more information whereby CCBC students can make some money towards their education, leave a comment.