It’s been a long journey. However long it has been though, I can remember how it all began vividly. The first time I set my feet onto this campus, to this moment, in front of the computer, typing my final blog at CCBC has all been wonderful. Well, I can’t really say it’s all been wonderful, but, there has been ups and downs, mistakes and learning periods, happy days and really depressing and sad and lonely days.

I would really like to thank the Student Ambassador Supervisor, Lesley Low and Hope Davis the Director of Media Relations at the Community college of Baltimore County for giving me such an amazing opportunity to express myself through this medium.

It was a really difficult step to come forward to commitment such as this, but looking back, I am really thankful that I took the opportunity. Although the interaction with the viewers wasn’t there, I am thankful that I was able to impact-even in the minutest way possible-somebody out there reading the blogs.

I’ll miss this place. The school, the county and the state. In a few weeks, my this chapter of my life ends and a new chapter begins. A whole new terrain trodden by the erudite scholars ahead me lies to be explored. I know it seems daunting but,  I’m up for the challenge.

Me against a whole new system, fighting to stay determined and get involved, I won’t have it any other way. I’ll take those odds.

Adios muchachos.  Hasta que nos veamos de nuevo!!!