Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel Akoko and I am glad to meet you all. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering here at CCBC. I am a very proud Nigerian and I have been in the United States for only three years. I enjoying doing numerous things but the one thing I really enjoy doing is watching videos; hence, my plan to start making videos for YouTube. I like a good story line and I am always amazed at how stories form. I also enjoy travelling and I plan on travelling around the world after graduating from University. Languages for me are really difficult to learn and that is why I only speak four.

I would love to learn Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, German, Russian and many other languages.

I know one cannot truly understand people only by what they read or hear about them, that’s why I make a lot of friends and I encourage people to be friends with me. Therefore, when next you see me smile at you so widely, that may be a cue that I want to be friends.


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