I can’t make this up but we’ve got just two weeks till the semester ends. Looking back at it now, it seemed the semester would never end and at this point, I’m ready for that long, nice and humidly hot summer break. I know, I know, I didn’t post anything last week Tuesday. I apologize. I had a lot of things that I needed to sit back and reorganize myself. Which brings me to the topic, “How I Stay Motivated Till the End”.

My first couple semesters, I always had this freeze thing once this time of the semester came around. The pressure always made me to forget everything that I had worked hard for from the beginning of the semester and ultimately my grades plummeted. However, I found a way that really works for me.

This song I always sang when I was younger comes to mind now. I’ve come too far too look back.

Although it is a Christian song and is used in a different context, I find that it motivates me. Looking at all the essays and the homework and Exams and quizzes and the studying I’ve done from the beginning of the semester, it motivates me to finish strong.

College life is not easy and sometimes I fight the urge to drop my all classes with some weeks left in the semester to go home to sleep, but when the good grades start appearing at the end of the semester and ultimately at the end of college, it’ll all be worth it. The struggles will just be stories.

Just think pain now and pleasure later.