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Happy National iPod Day!!

The title isn’t a joke, today is actually, officially, a celebratory day for iPods. Funny story, when I was in 8th grade I got a tiny silver iPod for 60 of my own VERY hard earned dollars…. only to realize I had to pay to download songs on it?!?! I hate capitalism. I ended up abandoning it after a month and gave it away to a friend a year later. Now I have my iPhone as my favored supplier of Bops™, but I still remember how cool you used to be if you had an iPod back in the day… man I’m glad I’m not in middle school anymore. Anyways, here’s a nostalgic Ghibli piano medley to add to your playlists no matter what you keep your songs on, to keep you chilled out while you study. Sorry I couldn’t write to you all properly today, things have been busy!! Look forward to next week though o(〃^▽^〃)o   – Sumra

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Dive In

HELLOOOOO EVERYONE!! I’ve done my fair share of public speaking. Actually, almost every activity I choose to take part in requires me to speak in front of groups, on the spot, quite often. Whether it’s touring prospective students around campus,…

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Variety Platter

みなさん、こんにちは!!!! That’s ‘Hello everyone!!!!” in Japanese. Unless Google translate let me down and I’m actually calling you all moldy radishes or something. Wouldn’t be the first time. The reason I greeted you in Japanese is because MY BROTHERS ARE GOING…

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