Howdy y’all… it’s my last blog post! My last farewell to everyone and everything at CCBC. I’m off to university for spring semester. It’s been a good, long run here. I entered CCBC as a 15 year old, and was in and out of the school and now, at 19, I’m leaving as a completely different person. I was re-reading my very first post on this blog, at the beginning of this year, it was a letter to myself. I had a lot of fears in that letter, but looking at them now, they’ve almost all been settled. Just wanted to address everything at once to remind myself and everyone else how much can change in a single year.


#ANAR – At the beginning of this year I was almost sure a certain relationship wouldnt work out. Now I’m over the moon because my best friend is marrying the person she loves in less than 2 weeks.

Muslim Student Association – In January, I was lamenting what was to be the end of my involvement in College MSA’s, but lo and behold I’ve already been asked to assist with the MSA at the University of Baltimore.

Driving – I was supposed to take my driving test in May lol!! That inevitably was delayed again, but by the time this blog is posted, I will actually, finally, have taken my drivers test. Hopefully I passed!


Ah what else… I have a car, I have 2 jobs, and I’ll have a degree under my belt in a few more weeks. When I wrote to myself at the beginning of this year, I thought it would be years until I had any of those.


In Summary – I conquered what, to date, has been the busiest year of my entire life and came through on the other side as a much more experienced and open individual. I can’t say I would ever like to be this busy again because it strained my sanity sometimes, but I also don’t regret everything I’ve gained.


So… yeah. What an absolutely crazy year. It’s good bye, CCBC. Goodbye Student Ambassadors, thank you for enriching my experience and allowing me to pass on my knowledge to other students before leaving the school. Good bye Student Life, cheers to all the food I had in your office over the years. Bye to my very dear MSA, I love all of you very much and I’m confident you’ll keep up the great work and energy we kept going over the past years. Bye to the view on the 3rd floor of the library, where I once spent the whole day watching airplanes take off in the distance. Bye to the Hilton House, WHICH I NEVER ACTUALLY GOT TO GO INSIDE BEFORE LEAVING! TRAGIC! Farewell to overpriced bagels and the gym which is never really open for students and people with more kindness, intellect, and unique experiences than I could ever hope to amass in my lifetime. Goodbye to anyone who actually read my blog posts, I felt at times I was just writing into a void, which was simultaneously disheartening and comforting.

But, if you are reading this right now, I guess the lesson I learned this year, that I want to pass on, is that there’s no point in being afraid of the future. We truly can’t guess where we might be in a year, or even a month. Make a goal for yourself to mindfully live and enjoy one day a time, and the future you feared will surely become the present you enjoy.  

Sumra 🙂