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Happy National iPod Day!!

The title isn’t a joke, today is actually, officially, a celebratory day for iPods. Funny story, when I was in 8th grade I got a tiny silver iPod for 60 of my own VERY hard earned dollars…. only to realize I had to pay to download songs on it?!?! I hate capitalism. I ended up abandoning it after a month and gave it away to a friend a year later. Now I have my iPhone as my favored supplier of Bops™, but I still remember how cool you used to be if you had an iPod back in the day… man I’m glad I’m not in middle school anymore. Anyways, here’s a nostalgic Ghibli piano medley to add to your playlists no matter what you keep your songs on, to keep you chilled out while you study. Sorry I couldn’t write to you all properly today, things have been busy!! Look forward to next week though o(〃^▽^〃)o   – Sumra