So you start college and you walk onto campus for your first class but have trouble finding your classroom. After checking the building and room number 1000 times you finally get there and you’re 30 minutes late, sweaty and exhausted and on top of that you missed the introductions and now you spend the entire semester not knowing your teacher’s name.

Okay, that might’ve been a little extreme but we all know college can be rough especially if you’re new, been there it’s not a great place.

As a college student, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It is a big step. I was so confused about what I should do, where should I be, am spending my time wisely? That rhymes. However, have no fear for the Ultimate guide for CCBC newbies is here.

The ultimate guide for CCBC newbies was created to ensured you get the full experience of being a college student today. From one student to another this guide is filled with all the tips and tricks I really wish I knew as I was applying to CCBC. Let’s get started!


  1. Find your pathway

Deciding what you want to major in is hard however with CCBC you can find a pathway for you by the click of a button on the CCBC website.

  1. Apply for financial aid

Have no funds to pay for classes? Apply for financial aid by checking on the CCBC website or seeing the financial aid department in the Student Services building.

  1. Sign up for classes with the help of an academic advisor

Academic advisors are always available during working hours and are more than willing to help any student with academic questions. TIP: Check out for ratings on teachers and see which one fits your liking.

  1. Get materials for class

Give the CCBC campus bookstore a try, search new or rent a book. TIP: You can get used books from Amazon, compare prices and save money.

  1. Get your CCBC OneCard
  2. Remember it’s a learning process

Take your time get used to the environment and your classes.

  1. Try to meet new people

I don’t mean just say hi to everyone, actively engage. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask, everyone is super friendly.

  1. Explore your campus

Walk around! Who knows you might find a ghost in the auditorium :0

  1. Get yourself coffee

At school? Yes, there’s a café.

  1. Make use of the library

Go read all day if you like, it’s open to you.

  1. Be part of a club

Check out the CCBC club page, get out of your comfort zone.

  1. Stay alert

Keep checking emails. You’ll never know what cool event may come up.

  1. Lastly and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!

Well there you go, you’re up and ready for your journey at CCBC. Don’t forget to share this with a fellow classmate in college because it’s never too late to be the best. Did you know about any of these or do you have any tips or tricks of your own for getting through college? If so share them down below or share your first-day experience. Stay smart mis amigos! <3