Spring 2015

It’s your last semester and you’ve written about a hundred application essays, sent tons of e-mails, and paid hundreds in fees. Meanwhile, you still have the rest of the semester to ace. You’re exhausted. You’re DONE.

Just as “senioritis” is real for high school seniors, “transferitis” is a thing. It’s that feeling of complete exhaustion accumulated from months of hard-work. I understand; I’ve been there (see pic) and I can tell you that there’s good news and bad news.

Good news is it’ll be over soon! You will feel SO GOOD after this semesterBad news is the cycle will start over soon and it only gets worse (sry). You’ll transfer to a university, work hard to ace your classes there, hunt for a job, get that job, work hard on that job, etc.

Look at it this way though – pushing through and finishing the semester strong will help you build endurance for whatever is ahead. Take a pause and acknowledge how far you’ve come and pat yourself in the back for how hard you’ve worked. Then get back to work.

Hang in there, champ – I’m rooting for you!