Yesterday, I took my my final final and this is truly the end of an era. Honestly, I can’t even imagine life outside of being a student – what’s it like to not have assignments constantly hanging over your head? I have a feeling I’ll be back in school some time in the far future, but I’ve been in school for about 18 years and for now I think it’s time to break up. It’s over. It’s not me, it’s you.

In less than 90 days, I will be putting on my big-girl pants and starting my dream job at my dream accounting firm. College has been one heck of a ride and every step I’ve grown; not physically because I’m still only 5 feet tall. As my undergraduate career comes to its legitimate close, I want to say from the very bottom of my heart:


…for what you’ve given me on paper: an associate’s degree and a dazzling resume

…for the thousands of dollars saved

…for the path you paved for me to successfully earn my BS in accounting

…for the people you’ve put in my life who make my social capital solid as a rock: the amazing professors, mentors, coaches, bosses, co-workers, and classmates

…for the opportunities to serve the community; I gained so much more than I gave. 

….for unbelievable experiences like this internship that allowed me step out of my accounting bubble and learn so much (shoutout to my blog readers and YouTube subscribers… hi mom!)

…and for the lifelong friendships made

With my deep and utter gratitude comes a promise to advocate for community colleges, not only for all that CCBC has given me, but for the incredibly important role they play in the lives of millions of students across the country.


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And if someone finds a way to opt-out of adulting please let a sister know.