Adventures and accounting in the same sentence is the paradox that defines my life. If I got a dollar for every time someone’s said, “you’re not boring enough to be an accountant” and another dollar for every time I’ve used that exact if-I-got-a-dollar line, I could afford to buy a venti cold brew every day this week. Starbucks is expensive!

With all the number crunching and analytical thinking involved, accounting can be really dry at times. If my Accounting professors are reading this, please stop reading this. For reasons unnecessary to disclose(money money money), I stuck with that major and am now officially a degree holder studying for the Board Exam… or I should say bored exam.

My junior year at UMD, I was faced with a decision whether to pursue my master’s degree or just take ten random college classes after graduation. See, in the state of Maryland you need to have 150 college credits to become a Certified Public Accountant. A normal undergraduate degree gives you 120 credits, making you 30 credits short if you want those 3 dazzling letters after your name. Honestly that’s about all the math you need to know to be an accountant; people always think it involves abstract algebra or something. Anyway, I decided to come back to CCBC instead because why would I bury myself in student loans just to suffer through more painful accounting classes? Wow I’m making accounting sound reeeeally bad right now… Sorry, Dr. Lemons I told you to stop reading.  

When I got to CCBC, I knew I had to split my time between studying for the Board and taking classes. So I went on Simon and searched for the least time-consuming classes I could find and ended up in a wide range of random classes including Sociology, Interactive Media, and Performing Arts. Stay well-rounded, folks! The two other classes on my schedule were both in digital media production because I really just wanted to enhance my YouTube channel. Little did I know that taking those classes would open up an awesome opportunity for me that has absolutely nothing to do with accounting.

I am now officially (drumroll please) the CCBC COLLEGE COMMUNICATIONS INTERN. I know right. Legit.

About a month into the job, I’m having a blast. I get to work in a team of incredibly talented, creative people who allow me to have a steep learning curve in a completely different area. It’s been keeping me sane in the midst of simultaneously studying for classes and the big exam. Check out this link to our first project this semester and a shameless plug for my beloved Honors Program.

In all seriousness, accounting isn’t terrible. I’m excited for a future of financial stability, client meetings at fancy restaurants, and much more. Nice save, Jonna. But before I swan dive into that career, it’s nice to have the opportunity to discover other interests that I never would’ve known if I stayed in Business School. I’m grateful that CCBC is a place that fosters such self-discovery.

Once again, I can say that I made the smart move.