All good things (and bad ones) must come to an end. This blog has reached its termination point as well.

Well, that sounded robotic. Perhaps that’s the cybersecurity-echnical in my genes?

Let’s retry. This is going to be my final post for CCBC. Come next semester, I will be calling a 4-year university my home school. But I will still be frequently visiting CCBC for work-related reasons and technically call two campuses as my schools.

Speaking of home, what is home? Don’t we differentiate a college as a study place? Just like in my high school years, I used to long to return home. For the wrong reasons. But I still resist the urge to poke fun at those who say that student life means little more than good-grade-servitude.

College can be a home. It can be a respite from the daily life stressors, if you let it to be. If you confide in a friend. If you smile at a professor. If you work hard and do your damnest best.

And then reap the rewards of success.

CCBC has been a journey for me. It has been quite remarkable. It has been frustrating. It has been unforeseen. And it has been thrilling. From deans to workers, from students to directors, I have met mostly everyone. My roles have varied. I have been a club president, an SGA representative, an ambassador, a worker, and a volunteer. I have not been just a student. And as I continue my journey at a 4-year, I am sure I won’t be just a student. Life, as crazy and often disappointing as it can get, always awaits exciting adventures.

Coming in, I imagined I would just study and study and get good grades and a degree and move on in my student life. But CCBC has been so much more. I have so many to thank for, but you know who you are. Thank you for making me a better person.

I began this blog with a promise: that I would aim to be as transparent as possible. Why? As in most things in life, college is an investment. I hope I have lived up to that promise. Through this blog, I tried not to shy away from the “bad.” I also shared a whole lot of good. And I had students and staff tell me that they found my posts inspiring and moving. I hope I did my job as earnestly as I intended to.

Now wherever life takes us, let us embrace that journey. The bad in life is always accompanied by the good. Our journey into the deep oceans begins with a step into the unknown.

Let’s move on forward!