When I started at CCBC, I was unaware of the programs that the college offers to students interested in distant immersion programs. That is, until I went to one of the many information sessions hosted by Professor Rebekah de Wit, who is the director of Global Education at CCBC. Professor de Wit has been hosting several information sessions on these programs, with one recently held at Catonsville Honors.

Study abroad programs at CCBC are a great and quick way to spend your breaks while having the maximum fun in the learning process. Faculty-led and information-packed, these programs should be mandatory for those who are able to participate.


Not only do you have the potential for development as a person and as a student, but you also are able to make swift gains in your educational experience. Study abroad experiences allow you to open your eyes to new places and people and complement your professional life. These programs are less than 2 weeks long (bummer for some, I know!) but they are the easiest way to duck one country and jump into another one for educational reasons. Scholarships and financial aid is also provided to eligible students.

These programs change every year, but currently CCBC has several countries and cities on schedule next year:

  • Berlin: Automotive Innovation (Spring Break 2019): Application packet
  • Berlin: Aviation History (Spring Break 2019): Application packet
  • Japan: Japanese Culture in Tokyo (Late May 2019): Application packet
  • Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice (Late May 2019): Application packet
  • Ghana: Health Care & Society in Accra (January 2020): Application coming soon! 

Here’s where students went to in 2017-8:

  • Spain & Morocco: East Meets West (Late May 2018)
  • Vancouver: Comparative Drug Policy (Spring Break 2018)
  • Cuba: Culture, Society & Mortuary Traditions (Spring Break 2018)
  • Japan: Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo (Late May 2017)
  • Poland: Human Anatomy (Late May 2017)
  • Cuba: Sociology & Women’s Studies (Spring Break 2017)
  • Costa Rica: Service Learning for the Health Professions (January 2017)

Ready to study abroad?

Stop by  CCBC Catonsville | Hilton Center | Room 313 every Wednesday, 12 – 1 p.m and every Thursday, 1 – 2 p.m. for info sessions on the program.

Want finer details about the study abroad policies, including eligibility, travel, and health related stuff? Click here to learn more.

If you have questions about the Study Abroad program and want answers now, contact them at (443) 840 4907 or email StudyAbroad@ccbcmd.edu to make an appointment.