It has been years since I last wrote a poem. Yep, believe it or not, I used to be an avid poet. Words hold a particular fascination for me because I tend to think in words (versus thinking in pictures, for instance).

I would have liked to introduce this poem and conclude its meaning as well. But then, I would be more like a professor. I am not. I am just a student.

Enjoy, if you can!

Emanating from the sweetness of your mouth,
Came the softest words ever spoken.

What brings you this life
May also leave you unspoken
What’s broken can always be fixed
What’s fixed will always remain broken.

The uncertainties of yesterday
Have begun to dawn upon the future
The roads traveled and paths taken
Transformed into a decision mistaken.

Idle thoughts become unfulfilled dreams
Brainchild of all that can go wrong
Worrying every step of the way
There you stand, dully moving along

It keeps running its course
This journey deprived of company
You cannot ebb the flow of a river’s break
The Earth moves as the stars shake

The golden rays foreshadow situations
Friendships blossom, turning to relations

Blades sprout, where work is done
Rising tides, the shy moon, follows the sun
Your sky lies where the center of heart is
A silent knowing hides the bliss

You decide to free yourself
You dance into the winds
Creating a new language and rejoicing
As the birds flutter their wings

To know that imperfection is a token
Is to witness scorpion’s love bespoken.