It’s the first Monday of spring break and, probably like you, I am too lazy to write a detailed post.

So I just wanted to leave you with some short thoughts.

College has both good times and bad times, right? Reading from several of my past posts, you may learn that a college life can be busy, rewarding, frustrating, exhausting, and meaningful all at the same time.

Those are my experiences, however. Yours may be totally different. It may realllllyyyyy suck. Or it may be the most amazing time of your life.

How would you know?

The answer is: you wouldn’t. Not until you are in it.

Every since I watched the movie Forrest Gump many years ago, I have never forgotten these magic words that Gump shared with a total stranger:

Mama always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

And so it goes with all versions of life, including college life. You never know which professor you come to love. Or dislike. You never know who may make your day. Or sorely disappoint you.

The thing about our personal experiences is that we do have to make the most out of them. Whether we are in a class we would very much like to sleep in or we really love doing what we do, there are some things that time and fate forces you to see.

When you register for classes, you don’t think about these little things. But your college experience is defined by your friendships, study habits, time management skills, and so on. As you take time to relax and enjoy your much-needed spring break from college, think about how unpredictable life turned out to be. It just so happens life never turns out the way we want it to be.

But when we mold life into the sweetness of love, of faith, of satisfaction, of whatever-that-drives-you recipe, life begins to look a lot like this: