To my fellow CCBC Class of 2018, It’s coming around that time when we begin to narrow down what colleges we will apply to, and eventually choose to attend. A monotonous process nonetheless is needed to successfully take the next step from CCBC. When going through this process there are a lot of simple mistakes that can be made.

First and foremost, you must create a list of colleges to which you are applying.

Dr. Rae Rosenthal, Lead Director of Honors at CCBC and CCBC Essex Honors Program director, will always tell us in the honors program to have a list of 5-10 schools in mind.

This may sound like a lot but a good way to start will be to separate the colleges into categories. These categories will include State schools/Maryland institutions; one of our main reasons for attending CCBC was to save money one way or another, therefore no one wants to pay  those out-of-states tuition fees. Some people like to add in the “Reach schools” category – these are schools you will most likely be accepted into. You can also sort from your favorite colleges to your least favorites. Also, by creating a list and categorizing it, you will be able to choose wisely and in an organized manner.

Secondly, after you create your colleges list you want to start applying as soon as possible. It seems as simple as it sounds, but I have heard countless stories of students simply forgetting to apply to schools they would have liked to attend. Some students miss the deadline while some others just forget to apply. The key to completing a strong application is to apply everyday! (keep adding a sentence to your college essays). Also, start the application early to avoid or resolve technical issues and give recommenders the courtesy of time. Do not procrastinate!

Next, Campus/College Visit.

Visiting your prospective colleges after applying or in the process of your application is the third step to getting in, focus more on the colleges you want to really attend or transfer to.

Most of the time, college tours or visits are not necessary.Even though, College visits will allow you get a better grasp of the atmosphere and environment of the college, my advise will be to visit the colleges on weekdays, and  on common days to see what the college looks like.

At the end of it all you will be awaiting that email, which is likely to begin like this:

Congratulations! Based on your……

Universities usually  send acceptance letters out throughout a long time period. Once the acceptance letters starts coming in, it will be time to choose what college you will attend.  I’m sure for me, making that choice will not be a quick one. I plan to create a check list of what I want my future school to look like and feel like as well as see which college matches up with what I want. If you have trouble figuring out which college matches best with what you want, there are great resources at CCBC to help out; For instance: the first person I will have to check with, will definitely be Dr. Rae and/or the Advising Office or my faculty mentor (If you have one).

One other thing I will like to promote is the Upcoming TRANSFER FAIR tomorrow! Come and hear from 26 Different college representatives.  Learn how to apply to various schools and complete your associate degree at CCBC. Ask A LOT of questions!

So start writing up your list of Colleges, applying and visiting prospective schools! No matter where you finally end up going, always remember to work your hardest, but also to enjoy your stay. Also, don’t forget your Beginning at CCBC!

Thanks for Reading!!