Happy Midterms!!

Well yes, it’s that time of the semester! having a day where you can wake up at 11am with a clear schedule and nothing to do except catch up on your favorite show is always good, but won’t really help you this week. Research shows that having a full schedule can cause students to become more productive and increase their happiness 🙂 and one needs to be happy during this week.

Imagine waking up one morning and you know that you won’t be back to your house until 9pm can at first seem daunting. Notice that when you finally arrive back home, your feeling of achievement will most likely outweigh your current sense of agitation.

Picture a day where you have nothing to do except to do homework, go to class and sit outside. Most of the time, you will end up doing absolutely just that, nothing, except attending class and doing your homework. And of course, there is the midterm paper due by Thursday that you have not started working on it but hey, it’s only Monday so you think you still have time.

Having a day packed with different activities to do, you often become much more productive with your time. Planning out your day and having a to-do-list for each day will help us know ahead of time of the different activities for the week. Personally, I have a Calender that helps me make sure I accomplish everything I had hoped to do on a particular day. This calendar definitely comes in handy when I have to find time to juggle class, homework, group projects, and extracurricular meetings while also giving myself time for eating and sleeping. When I plan out my day, I often don’t add in my assignments due instead I try to start and worry about when I will finish.

Few clubs and organizations often host workshops and activities that will teach you those time management skills, and hopefully, won’t have you fearing those busy days. For me, knowing that I have a day or week filled with endless club meetings, and ambassador activities, helps me complete my assignments a week or weeks before it’s due.

Being the week of Midterms, Not only do busy days help you become more productive, they also increase your own self-accomplishment because you will find yourself getting everything done faster and earlier than usual. During busy times, you tend to no longer have those papers that you put off to complete or have the little assignments you put off during the day because there was no urge to get them done. Often times you will find yourself being more productivity than usual.

Planning different events into your week can be beneficial to you in more ways than one but don’t forget to keep studying every day!