Howdy folks,

This semester, at one of our Student life Leadership meetings, we discussed values, and we chose 5 main values that resonate with us. I chose the following five:

• Adventure
• Culture
• Zeal
• Gratitude
• Leadership


So with today’s post, I have decided to elaborate more on the topic and to give everyone a better understanding of what my values mean to me

1. Leadership: During my reading time, I have come to love the writings of John C. Maxwell, who is a well-known writer of all things leadership, and I adopted this quote from him – “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is all about one life influencing another”. Personally, I feel “accountability” is a great deal of being a good leader. For instance, If I am never accountable for my actions and roles, I will start to see symptoms such as lack of purpose in my behavior, there will be no self-development or growth in my attitude, awareness will decrease and I will be sad within myself due to what I’m doing wrong and deciding not to account for my them. As a leader and a person, I remind myself of these symptoms and I try to act right. Even though I am by no means perfect or an avid follower of my own advice, I always try to create a wonderful environment for my superiors and peers.

2. Gratitude: During my meditation self-awareness practices I challenged myself each day to think about a few of these things daily: the filtered clean water we drink every day is not accessible for half of the world, whether or not my parents pay for my future college education, going to the doctor’s office is a huge blessing (I normally visit my primary physician each week), and my family’s financial situation.

I concluded that there is always something to be grateful for, at least 3 things in a day.

The things I mentioned above are just a scratch on the surface of what I am thankful for. In the end, my happiness can be improved if I just live my life with a grateful mind. With that, I want to use this platform to thank CCBC (the CCBC Student life and the CCBC Honors Program), and Phi Theta Kappa; for developing me as a leader and student #IamCCBC

3. Adventure: This Quote is by Christopher McCandless, who is a world famous hiker and itinerant traveler – “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure”. If there is one thing I have learned at my time here at CCBC or in the USA, it is the importance of adventure. During high school, I was a bit of a homebody. I went to school, went to soccer practice, studied and then went to sleep. I never did anything completely out of the ordinary. However, when I got to the United States I started to branch out and take chances. I just found out that you never know what you’ll find or learn if you step outside your comfort zone. An adventure to me does not have to be visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. People tend to put a lot of thought into an adventure, it can really be something as simple as scheduling that one class that seems hard but really interesting. I can remember signing up for the Honors section of Art History II Class last semester. I never took an Art class before and most importantly, I didn’t take the introductory level class (art history I) before so I had no idea what I was getting into but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes. We visited two museums: a visual arts museum and a contemporary art space. For the Visual arts museum I chose the Walters Art Museum and for the contemporary art space, I chose Goya Contemporary art show. Two very different museums and adventures as well. I visited with classmates and friends which made it more fun. The best part about adventures to me is that they often lead to other adventures, which is one of the best times I value. FYI: If you haven’t yet read my post on Adventure, you should check it out!

4. Culture: Growing up in Enugu, Nigeria (in West Africa), that was the only home I knew and will remember for the next century at least. I attended school in my country from grades one through twelve and moved to the United States in the second week of May 2015. My country’s culture holds a lot of sentimental value and personal meaning to me as an individual because of how Family-oriented we all are. I also like other things about my culture such as the food, dressing, festivals, and ceremonies held but above all of that, Family is still the Key purpose I love my culture. During every break, we all visit my grandmother; there we meet cousins and uncles. It’s always a good and blessed time and it’s something I deeply value.

5. Zeal: I value the zeal I have towards my education. Personally, my current academic goal is to obtain an Associates in Arts degree in General Studies (focusing on Chemistry) by spring 2018. I am currently enrolled in 2 honors classes (9 credits) and 2 regular classes (8 credits) this semester. CCBC has offered me the opportunity to spend the past year developing my leadership skills, to receive an excellent education, and to work towards transferring to a four year school to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy) and continue on to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. I aspire to use every skill and Knowledge I gain to strengthen the usage of medicine and more pharmaceutical companies in my country of origin, Nigeria and all around Africa. As a young and first-time college student, I’ve always believed in making a difference in my community and around the world, which motivates and inspires me to work to the best of my ability because of my passion for the people I am serving.


With that, Stay strong during this Finals week!!!!!