Yay!! weekly quotes are back! Who’s Excited!!!

I’m so happy to continue blogging this semester. Today’s Quote is by an American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian – Henry David Thoreau.

 You must not only aim right but draw the bow with all your might.

I came across this quote while reading my Literature textbook. As I gazed at it, I tried explaining it in serval ways and I’m looking forward to your opinion about the quote as well. This quote will often arise in our everyday life, both our professional and personal life. In this quote, I feel Thoreau is trying to point out a very important subject; that it is never enough to get oneself focused in the right direction but also to put in more effort/develop that motivation to keep us in the right direction.

I thought about a couple situations when I knew exactly what to do and how to do it but I was in need of that extra push or build up the momentum to perform that particular action. In fact, the “push” doesn’t have to be so great, It can be a little pause or meditation to keep one on track going forward.

For instance,  I’m beginning a research paper, a lot of thoughts come to mind

– what the citation style will be(APA, MLA etc.) or what the professor is “really” looking for?;

While all the time the rubric was provided and the only thing left was to start researching and figuring out the structure of my paper. I only needed that little ‘wait for a moment’, and I was back on track to writing my paper. A couple of times, I see myself spending a lot of energy thinking about a particular situation (stressing) and I never end up where I want to be.

The quote can be simply defined as

“making that extra EFFORT!”

We tend to frame high objectives and make great goals in life but if we don’t make that extra effort then these objectives and goals will be meaningless. Think about your workplace, a  situation can arise where you know exactly what you want to do but you just can’t muster up the motivation or build up the momentum to get you there. You must start the momentum with all your power with all your might to get what you want, to get where you want. As Jimmy Johnson, an American race driver has said “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” It really is a matter of a few degrees, going that little bit further to push things past the point of regularity. The key is that you want to always strive for the extraordinary. So you must give your effort to succeed.

Like I mentioned earlier, we can spend a lot of energy and give a lot of action, but if we are not pointed in the right direction won’t end up where we want to be. So we all need to be focused and must have the goal to reach an objective to achieve.

To you all: Just aim right and high; by drawing the bow with all your might and strength always remember that you will need to have the aim or goal along with attitude in order to achieve true success.