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Today’s Quote is by Christopher McCandless, who is a world famous hiker and itinerant traveler


“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure”

If there is one thing that I have learned at my time here at CCBC or in the USA, it is the importance of adventure. During high school, I was a bit of a homebody. I went to school, went to soccer practice, studied and then went to sleep. I never did anything completely out of the ordinary. However, when I got to the United States I started to branch out and take chances. I just found out that you never know what you’ll find or learn if you step outside your comfort zone.

An adventure does not have to be visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. We tend to put a lot of thought into an adventure, it can really be something as simple as scheduling that one class that seems hard but really interesting. I can remember signing up for the Honors section of Art History II Class last semester. I never took an Art class before and most importantly, I didn’t take the introductory level class (art history I) before so I had no idea what I was getting into but it turned out to be one of my favorite classes. We visited two museums: a visual arts museum and a contemporary art space. For the Visual arts museum I chose the Walters Art Museum and for the contemporary art space, I chose Goya Contemporary art show. Two very different museums and adventures as well. I visited with classmates and friends which made it more fun.

The best part about adventures is that they often lead to other adventures :), which is one of the best things. Last summer, my two friends and I set out to find a lake called “Lake Roland” in the Lakeside Drive at Baltimore, MD. We didn’t have clear directions because we couldn’t find the location on a map. We were completely going off the local legend and what others had told us. We had no cell service and no maps to guide us. Unfortunately, we never ended up finding “Lake Roland” but we found a waterfall about three miles from the nearest paved road. For one tank of gas, we had a full day of fun and adventure while completely disconnected from the digital world.

You never always know when you’ll find yourself on an adventure, but you should always seize the opportunity to have a little fun and learn new stuff. As college students, we always tend to stay inclined with the routine of going to class, studying and hanging out with friends at a free time or between classes. The best way to break this routine is to find an adventure some time. Seize the day and go on a road trip, learn a new language, or meet someone new. You never know what you will find or the various new things to be learned out there.

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