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The question lies, “Should students get a part-time job while in college?”

My parents have always said the same thing: “Your job in college is being a student, and that is a full-time commitment.” (Of course, this is contingent on whether or not you are funding yourself in college. Some people have to work, some don’t.)

I was relatively against getting a job in college for the first three-and-a-half months in the United states. I thought that it would coincide with my studies and take away from my performance. I applied at several department stores or corporate offices near me. I finally started working at the McDonalds which was 7 miles from my house, I know some of you may know what working at a fast food feels like. Looking on the bright side, for my outstanding service at the store, I was promoted to a Crew Chief after 5 months of service. I was also recognized multiple times with the “Employee of the month” award. And yeah.. when I was still a crew member, I remember playing “rock, paper, scissors” with my coworkers to see who has to take out the trash versus clean the bathrooms.

23 Struggles Of Working In The Fast Food Industry

However, one thing I took out of the job is that a person working at a fast food place should always recognize that “retail is detail” – whether in a shoe store or in a burger joint. The small things matter. A smile, a kind word, patience and attention. The “small stuff” is important. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant for the At Phi Theta Kappa Office at the Essex Campus. And just decided to get a Job on campus, at least to be close to school.

Applying for a job on campus is usually a much lower-key process than applying for jobs at, say, a major department store or corporate office in town.

Let me tell you: Now, I am absolutely FOR getting a job as a student, and I’ll tell you why.

              First off, if you get a job that’s clerical (maybe working on-campus for a professor), you will have a decent amount of down time. The office I work for has its slow hours, and during those hours I’m looking for something to do to keep busy. So what do I do? I get out my laptop and start working on homework. You’d be surprised at the amount I get done WHILE I’m getting paid. It’s such a great deal! I have more motivation to study and do homework, because I’m looking for something to do to make the hours pass more quickly. My grades are fine because I am completing my homework and studying for my tests more thoroughly. However, I will not say this for every job on campus – working retail or doing something more hands-on could take time away from your studies. But if you’re looking for some extra cash, opt for a clerical job or faculty assistant on campus, where there is lower traffic.

             Second, I’ve never had a lot of time to do my school work and extracurricular activities. Since I get financial aid from the school (Thank you CCBC 🙂 ), the only thing is that, I can’t work during school break – spring break, summer break, winter break or whenever the school is closed – or when the semester is over. But now that I have a part-time income, I have money! I have a paycheck coming in every two weeks, and it is VERY convenient, but not consistent. I just try to manage my different expenses
           Lastly, I am learning a lot about the honors society – Phi theta kappa and customer service – both important things to know about. I interact with all sorts of people on a daily basis and I’m really learning how to work with all types of people and situations. It’s a great life skill to have and will definitely come in handy when I get ready to transfer.

So, in short, I think that working a slower-paced part-time job in college is a great idea. I wish I had known about these benefits as a freshman in college! I would’ve probably gotten more involved with college activities 🙂

Thanks for reading.