I and my fellow cool people (CCBC student Instagrammers) have been asked by the college communications to share photos to help celebrate CCBC’s 60th anniversary. The Director of Media Relations– Mrs. Hope Davis and her department created signs  and they would like to get shots of people around campus holding them. I got the one that said, “I’m Brilliant #CCBC60”. We are all BRILLIANT!!

Wanted to share a few of my shoots with you guys


We see your brilliant shine Nikita #ccbc60



We see your brilliants shine @Oneda @Lydia #ccbc60



We see your brillant @deboreah #ccbc60



We see your brilliant shine! @Azaria

I’ll be sending in more pictures throughout the semester. If you’re interested in being on the CCBC Instagram page or on my blog, just comment below and I can get a shot of you with my sign.

Let’s celebrate CCBC’s 60th in together and in style!!!