Johns Hopkins University Recruits CCBC Students

Annacaroline Caruso
Johns Hopkins University visited the Community College of Baltimore County to recruit transfer students for the first time ever last week. Johns Hopkins was one of the first research universities in the United States and receives the most federal funding for research. They are in the process of becoming a more transfer friendly school.

JHU has 52 majors and 47 minors to choose from. Most of their students graduate with a major and minor or double major. They have several career advisors to help their students choose the best possible major. Their students have interned at Under Armour, Bayview, Hopkins, and more. The 21,372 students that attend this university have several opportunities.

“The most important characteristic a school can have is a diverse amount of opportunities and events,” said CCBC student Rachel Garvin.

Over 300 student run clubs and organizations put together events for the entire school to attend. They have convinced many public figures to speak including Edward Snowden, Will Ferrell, Maya Angelou and many more.

While Johns Hopkins has a tuition of a little over $50,000 a year, they meet 100% of the calculated need for every student. They give out more than $70 million in need based grants alone.

“Not many schools are handing out this kind of money,” said CCBC student Autum Thuerrrauch. “Especially not such a competitive and well-known school like Johns Hopkins.”

Johns Hopkins has a lot to offer for current students but they also keep up with their graduates. 48% of JHU students work full time after graduation and almost the entire other half goes on to earn their master’s degree.

“It’s nice to see that their students are actually going on to do something with their lives instead of just earning a piece of useless paper,” said CCBC student Tyneesha Brooks.
Students at Johns Hopkins have about a 90% acceptance rate into any master’s program. JHU has a career center that is free to the use of students for up to seven years post-graduation.

Johns Hopkins is committed to their students from admission to life after graduation. The application deadline has passed for transfer students for fall 2017 but consider applying for spring 2017 or fall 2018 admission.

For more information on The Honors Program or future Honors - based events contact Rae Rosenthal, Lead Director of The CCBC Honors Program at CCBC Essex, ADMN-109A

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  1. Opare Asihene 15 November, 2018 at 16:02 Reply

    Universities such as John Hopkins and others always find a way to find local recruits at Junior Colleges. Also providing money to help them further their education with a chance to find a job after graduation.

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