The International Club at CCBC Catonsville

Dina Rai
Student Contributor

The International Club at CCBC represents diverse cultures from all over the world. The mission of the club is to help international students get involved in American culture.

The International Club organizes different programs and events which gives opportunities to all the students to explore international: music and movies, ethnic foods, host a passport series, panel discussions, field-trips, fund raising events, sports days, parties, games and much more. The international club also seeks to allow students who participate to share what their life in their home country is like.

“I am a Muslim. This club is about cultures and getting to know other cultures,” said CCBC Student Najla Nadeem. “People who often stereotype Muslim culture get to know more about the culture and they tend to change their minds.”

“I have recently joined the club and I am very excited that I get the chance to learn about other cultures,” Sharmila Khadka said. “With the help of the club I have made a lot of new friends.”

The club is focused on promoting communication across cultures by bringing all the students together for social and educational activities. The club seeks to bring people of different cultures together to celebrate and experience each other as individuals.

The main goal of this club is to support new students, mostly the international students and also increase awareness about world cultures. There are over 25 nationalities represented in this club. The growing number of international students is rapid at all CCBC campuses.

The club has also organized many programs and events in the past from Valentine’s dinners to career workshops. It gives opportunities for the students to socialize and help gain information about their career.

The international club of CCBC Catonsville is also an SGA-sanctioned club that meets every Wednesday at the Barn from 2pm to 4pm.

“A couple huge events are going on this month in April,” said Nellie Pharr-Maletta, International Club Advisor. “The Spring Gala Murder Mystery Dinner will be April 22 6pm- 10pm in the barn and a Bus Tour to The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA will be held on April 29 from 7am-7pm.”

For more information on The International Club visit: or contact The Office of Student Life.

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  1. Joseph Bennett 12 December, 2018 at 23:33 Reply

    I clicked on this article, for the picture is used. Everyone in the picture looks like they are having fun and learning at the same time. I am glad the Barn is being used for so many things also. This Club allows people to get an open worldview, and see the world from someone else’s perspective.

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