It feels like last week was September and yesterday I was gearing up for midterms. Then I checked the calendar and my eyes widened. It’s November. Time is flying (for me anyways). Winter semester registration is now open and spring semester registration will open in just a week or two. In a month we’ll be stressing over finals, and then it’s done.. for now. So many events have come and gone, my annual fall sick days are in full effect, and there’s only a few chapters left from each class to go over. The colors of autumn are absolutely stunning, spooky season is over, and the holidays are approaching. Where has the time gone?!


Cat Clock


There are a billion things that we can replace. We can replace money, clothes, jewelry, cars, and other material goods. There are a few things we can’t replace, and time is one of the biggest of them all, is time. Have you been using your time wisely this week, or this month? Time does a great job of disappearing when life gets tough, whether it’s with academics, or something outside of college. However, there are some things you should, as a college student, definitely be spending some time on. Here is a little list of things that are just some ideas and thoughts to take into consideration now.


Be proactive. Start previewing classes for the next semester and build your schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask an advisor for help. Get the edge and use RateMyProfessor or ask the kids in the honors lounge (they’re actually more knowledgable about professors than any website) about which professors you should and shouldn’t take. It can really make or break your grade in the long run. Start planning on how you’re going to succeed next semester, and how you’ll be able to afford it, whether you have aid, college promise, or if you’re going to pay monthly.


Finish the semester strong. A lot of people will experience the dreaded mid-semester slump, and many will slack due to holidays, or arising issues, and just because it’s almost over so they give themselves a break. I’m all for breaks, but give yourself a break DURING the break, and not at the end of the semester. Now is not the time to falter. Prioritize your academics, get enough sleep, and find ways to motivate yourself, such as listening to a motivational speaker. Hopefully, you’ve made a buddy or two in class that’ll be willing to help you get back on the right study habits. Knock out those final exams and assignments.


Always focus on today, but keep the future in mind. Remember that there are still some pretty cool events happening this month, like aquarium night on November 20th, where tickets are free for students and cheap for guests, and must be purchased in advance. Thanksgiving is right around the corner so enjoy the day with family, or loved ones, and have a feast! Always keep your long-term goals in sight. Evaluate yourself periodically to make sure you’re still on track to achieve it. Shove that pumpkin pie in your face and study for those finals. Keep the good energy going.




What are some of your goals, both short-term and long-term? Have you been taking steps this past month, week, or even hour towards your goals?