A poem in honor of every college student’s least favorite time of the semester:

Papers on papers, oh so many tests

Not to mention, these scores have to be the best

To drag your grades up from the depths of Hell,

Praying that all of these finals end up going well

 So many regrets about all that procrastination

Minds are occupied by dreams of Christmas vacation

Endless hours spent locked in the library

Just tell yourself the pain is only temporary

Should you give up studying and just watch Netflix?

But naps and Xmas movies are just a superficial fix

Internally, you’re definitely still having a breakdown

Hopefully you can conceal your crazy when others are around

Sleep is absolutely non-existent

Yet stress is incredibly persistent

Keep pushing through; it will all be over soon.

Then you can return home and curl into a blanket cocoon.

I wish everyone the best of luck on finals week.

Keep your head up and channel your inner geek.




———————————————————->  https://www.theodysseyonline.com/finals-week-poem  <——————————————————————-