Travel is a way of life. Many people, like me, travel often, saving up every single penny they can pinch to do so. It’ll humble someone to see what a small pocket of the globe we occupy, and the more one travels, the more one comes to the realization that they know so little about our vast planet. For some people tattoos, celebrity signatures, or Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes, are potato chips for them. Once you get one, you have to get more. For me, traveling is my potato chips. I think everyone should experience going abroad at least once in their lifetime. So.. learning about me is cool for some I guess, but where am I really going with this?


Of course, you can travel on your own.. but why just travel when CCBC offers you a chance to study abroad?? Why not travel and knock out a credit class along the way? Since I’ve enrolled here, I’ve seen some awesome study abroad trips come to fruition. I remember in 2017, select lucky students studied anatomy and traveled to Poland and Germany to finish up the semester by visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp, castles, salt mines, and several famous pathological museums/universties in both countries. CCBC students have gone to some breathtaking places, like Morocco, Japan, Cuba, and more!


This upcoming year, you have the option of applying for 4 different trips. Looks like CCBC is heading to Berlin for automotive/aviation history, to Japan again for Japanese language and culture, Ghana for health care, and Iceland (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) for earth science. In my personal opinion, I really wish they would assemble a study abroad trip to Singapore or Dubai for engineering majors, or a trip to Tokyo for computer science majors.. but enough about me! Here’s the link for more information about these trips and application packets if you’re interested in applying.

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Let me be real with my readers though. This is by no means the cheapest way to travel. There are many different ways to travel and ball on a budget, but to think that the cost of traveling with full accommodations and receiving credits will be a cheap affair is a ludicrous notion. There’s a small glimmer of light shining on this financial issue, however! If you are interested in applying, I do remember going to one of their informational meetings, and they did mention there are ways to receive scholarships and financial aid to help pay for the cost of the trip! You’ll have to double check with the study abroad advisors on how one can apply for these funds.


I’m not trying to be super bias or anything.. but check out that Iceland trip.



(These are my photos from my adventure in Iceland)




Is there a country that you’ve been longing to visit for a long time? I’m interested to hear where you guys (the student body and faculty) are hoping to travel to soon, and what’s on the top of your bucket list, so drop a comment down below!