Last semester in my filmmaking class, I made a documentary for my final project. It was very dear to my heart and challenged me in many ways. This past week in my Facebook Memories, it reminded me that one year ago I wrote and shot a short film for another class. It was crazy to watch it all over again and see how much has changed in just a year. My technical skills have definitely improved (Thank goodness!). But it was also weird looking back and remembering how different I was as a person. Also how people who were in my life during that time, aren’t anymore.

One thing I love about film and photography is, that I can capture moments. Even though my short film a year ago was all fiction based, it brought back real memories. My most recent film, the documentary, shows a lot of growth since the previous year.

Looking back at old projects is very encouraging. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve grown until you really analyze things.

I’ve attached below both films: The Test (Nov. 2017) and Art: The Documentary (May 2018)