Hey Y’all!

You might be thinking I’m crazy, but I’m already lining up my plans for Summer 2019. I’ve been looking at Winter and Summer internships for the past few months. It’s never too early to plan ahead.

Internships are definitely something everything college student should have checked off BEFORE they graduate. I had my first internship my Jr. year of High School. And it was a great way to meet people in my field, while also building my skills, and gaining experience. I’ve had about five internships since then, and one thing that I get asked a lot is “Where do you find your internships?”.

If you haven’t interned anywhere yet, or are looking to for another internship. Consider looking for programs now. An ideal time to intern would be during a school break. However there are programs that run during the school year. Depending on your experience level and the position, you might even be able to find a paid one!

Here are a few resources that have been helpful to me:


Internships.com : is a great site to search for internships. The search engine has tons of filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Indeed : this website isn’t just for jobs, you can find intern positions too. One thing I love about it is, you can apply for jobs using your profile. Some applications let you submit with one simple click. It also pulls up recommended positions based on your resume.

LinkedIn : is known and used by many. This website also makes the application and search process easier. It’s also great because you can link your profile to other applications, found on different sites. Another cool feature for someone like me who’s in the digital media field, I can link videos of my work in the resume portion.

Program Coordinators: make use of all of your Professors and your Program Coordinator. They will know what exact internships you should be applying for, and be able to assist you in your application process. It’s also nice to ask them if they could write you a letter of recommendation.


Don’t be afraid to start small, especially to gain experience initially. The only way you’ll ever know what it’s actually like in your chosen field, is to intern. Feel free to reach out to me as well, I’d love to help you!