Believe it or not, but the semester  will be over before you know it. So for all new or returning students, now is the time to start thinking about next school year. Are you planning on playing any sports, joining any clubs, or applying for any programs? Why not start working on all that now?

CCBC has a ton of clubs and activities to look into:

Clubs are a great way to get involved and meet students with common interests. And clubs are always going on various trips and hosting different events.

The office of Student Life is where you can find out about all kinds of events and programs going on at or around CCBC.  One amazing program (That I happen to be a part of 😉 ) is the Student Leadership Program. It’s a way for students to get involved on campus, meet staff and peers, as well as build onto their resume. There are three different positions Student Ambassador (That’s me!), First Year Experience, and Student Government Association Executive Board Members. Student Leadership is accepting applications now for Fall 2018 up until May 1st 2018.

CCBC has an amazing theatre program, and a lot of their plays are open to non theatre majors. So keep an eye out throughout the school year for when they post audition dates.

If you’re looking to play for a sports team, make sure you check and see when they offer tryouts.

The Honors Program is also something to look into!:

Like I mentioned before, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next school year. This might seem premature, but the summer will go by fast. And a lot of programs are looking to fill positions now!! Plus some programs require and application and/or essays. SIDE NOTE: Looking up scholarships is another thing to start early.

Have you been involved in any on campus activities? Comment below.