It is with great sadness that I write to acknowledge that we lost a great friend and supporter of CCBC very early this morning. A massive heart attack claimed the man who gave two decades of his life and career in service to all of us who live in Baltimore County. I worked closely with Kevin Kamenetz on many initiatives, and I grew to appreciate him as a hardworking public servant and a colleague. He will surely be missed by many, and on behalf of the entire CCBC family, our thoughts and prayers are with the Kamenetz family at this extraordinarily difficult time.

As a candidate for governor, Kamenetz had hoped to lift his particular brand of public service to a statewide level. Unfortunately, that dream was not realized. However, his steadfast work to improve the economic outlook and stature of Baltimore County will never be forgotten. Kamenetz clearly recognized the important role CCBC played in achieving that aim, and he showed his support through steady infusions of capital and operating dollars to help CCBC continue our mission to educate and train our local workforce. Most recently, of course, Kamenetz stood tall against his critics when he announced the Baltimore County College Promise just a few weeks ago.

Fate sometimes deals cruel and unexpected blows. Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz’ passing is certainly one of them and it occurs at a critical junction for Baltimore County, CCBC, and even the state of Maryland.

I know you all will join me in expressing sympathy for his grieving family. We lost a great family man, friend, colleague, and public servant.