Fifty years ago, the United States sent its first manned aircraft to orbit the moon, Boeing introduced the first 747 jumbo jet, and I began my career as a community college professional.

While my entry into the community college sector may not have had a national or regional rippling effect, for me it was a significant event. It was a life-changing moment which put me on a career path I have loved for half a century.

Climbing the professional ladder from faculty member to president made me realize how much the work we do at community colleges really matters. With its open-door mission, it has always been a place where anyone seeking an education has access and opportunity. Whether you were 18 years of age or 80, the community college had something to offer and that still stands true today.

That’s why I was honored when I-95 Business magazine asked me to share a snapshot of my story as a community college professional. Titled An Educational Calling, you will read a humorous story of how I got my start, as well as find out what is happening at CCBC and how an old building was given new life.