Disclaimer: Sorry this post has so much Emphasis™
When we’re growing up, it’s easy for us to adhere to labels. It’s even easier for us to carry those labels into adulthood. Having identifiers helps us relate to others, allows us to belong, gives us our identity. There’s nothing wrong with wanting any of that. What is wrong is when we think we can’t change any of those labels, or that we limit ourselves because of them. I think we all, at one point or another, have been guilty of this. It can start with small things, like when you eat sushi for the first time and hate it, swearing it off for years to come. Then it becomes more serious, like ‘You’re a MathPerson™, you should really do something in a STEM field.’ Or when your friend says ‘Sorry, I know you DontDoEmotions™ but I really needed to talk to you.’ It’s at points like these where we realize the perceptions people have of us, that WE have of ourselves, are hindering our unique human experience. People change, every second of every day. If we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge that then we lose the ability to realize our full and incredibly diverse potential.
I know it can be scary to alter any part of your identity when you’ve grown so familiar with it, but you have to think, is it really a facet of YOUR identity you’re clinging to? Or is it one that you just heard so often you automatically accepted it? When you’re able to separate who you are and who other people THINK you are is when you can level up. I find myself constantly needing to remind myself (and sometimes others) that my past experiences don’t need to designate my present choices. I tried sushi again, and I love it now! No longer a SushiHater™. I’m happily majoring in Business Administration, even though I’m still a MathPerson™. It definitely helped in Accounting! I’ve explained to friends that I may be Reserved™, but I’m not a robot and am there when they need to talk. In the majority of cases like this, Action A does not negate Action B, in fact they have no correlation, we just decide for some reason they do. Anyways,  all I’m trying to say is
it’s 2017, you can become whatever you want, when you want, all at the same time. Surprise!!
P.S. Watch this awesome video about a lady who rides motorcycles and also likes to dress up in pink.