Most of the classes someone will take are those that are required for their major, but it is also mandatory to take general education courses. Here at CCBC, there are many classes that a student can take. These courses vary from taking a general humanities class to being in a laboratory for a science elective. These general education courses can be considered what some students call “easy A’s”, as the student can pick whatever course they would like, based on how easy they believe the class will be. Although picking classes based on how easy they are is a strategy some students achieve on, I believe these classes should be taken for how interested one is on the topic of the class.

Some classes I found were relatively easy, but I did not have any interest in them. Without interest, these classes were not the most fun to be an active student in. I hadn’t tried to take a class on the topic until my sophomore year when I stumbled upon a modern art class.

In this art class, we would meet at night, twice a week and discuss different modern day artists and their recent accomplishments. I have never been interested in art, but this class opened my eyes on how much fun I could have in my general education courses.

I was shown a new perspective on what I thought was boring and to this day I enjoy doing my own research on different modern day artists.

What I want to get across from this is to take classes that you are generally interested in. Coming from someone that has taken classes based on the difficulty and also based on how much interest I have in the course, it is much better to take a course that is interesting. Don’t be afraid to enroll in any class that you may find interesting, they are worth taking and experiencing!