Have you been slacking in the extracurricular department? Well, now’s the time to get involved in a student club or organization at CCBC.

As a Student I know we’re all busy. Between classes, work, homework, family, and other commitments, there can be a lot to balance. As a Student, and you are looking for a way to enrich your student experience at CCBC, you might be interested in joining one of CCBC’s many clubs and organizations. The Taste of Student Life event will be held recently at all CCBC campuses. The Get Involved fair is an opportunity for student clubs to showcase their activities and to recruit new members.


Phi Theta Kappa Induction for Fall 2016. With some cool people here!! L-R: Me, Brooke, Ritesh, Garve, Lydia, Vince.

I can’t stop stressing how important getting involved with your College community is important. For many freshmen (or any student, for that matter), getting involved on campus is a great way to find your comfort zone in this new, daunting environment. Most of the time, finding that comfort zone is often different for those who stay enrolled and those who decide to drop out. It may feel intimidating to seek out opportunities on campus, but engaging in extracurricular activities has many great benefits:

  • Meet new PeopleOne of the ways to feel comfortable in the CCBC surroundings is to find people who share similar interests. Outside of seeing the same people in your academic classes, extracurriculars offer another way to meet people who enjoy the same activities. Finding common interests can be a way to start a lifelong friendship. Don’t get me wrong, you may have a lot of people you hang out with and you don’t need more people in your life, that’s cool. But there’s no harm in making new connections.


  • Explore your Interest at CCBC: Being activity in your College community can help you Learn about new cultures, hobbies, athletics, or other areas you’ve always been curious about. Being a student Ambassador, I can strongly say that I understand the rules about marriage in India. Yes, India. Because of the diversity on all CCBC campuses, the range of groups and activities are often much broader than what most people are exposed to in their high schools or local communities. Take advantage of this range of offerings by diving into something new, and of course attending the Get Involved fair.


  • Boost your Resume, Gain new skills and Knowledge: We all want to get an Awesome job after all working hard in College Right? Well If you haven’t heard, Several employers want well-rounded students who not only excel inside the classroom, but also make the most of their time outside of class. One way to think of your college experience is as two (or more) years of resume building. The activities that you participate in while enrolled at CCBC, can offer unique learning experiences which can turn into lively conversation during a Job interview.


  • president-club1

    Sometimes, you may be given the opportunity to visit the president, and spend time with her.

    Networking: As an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, I’ve countless connections to other community college students, all the way at New jersey, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware as well as Maryland. You can come ask me about the colleges in particular *wink*. Also, by participating in leadership roles and through networking at CCBC, you can improve your chances of getting a job in the future. I’ve really observed, the diversity of people who move around and through CCBC. That is extraordinary, and I bet you that each one is a potential contact who might help your career in future. Your fellow students, professors, College administrators, and visiting speakers who become a part of your network will all be valuable to you.


  • Go to a Student Government meeting: As a Phi theta Kappa Officer (sorry that you keep hearing that every time, but that’s one of my College achievements!), I get to represent my chapter at the Student Government association (SGA)  meeting. I urge you today to find out when and where your campus’ Student Government Association meets, and then attend a few. Not only will you learn about the major issues affecting CCBC (which, in turn, helps you become a more involved student), but you will also hear about upcoming events and opportunities when SGA representatives, and people in the audience (like me) make their announcements.

Above all, Be strong and take charge. You don’t need to be excessively aggressive, but look out for yourself. If you see an opportunity that looks amazing to you, pursue it. However, know when to say no, but know when to say yes as well… and welcome anything new and exciting that comes your way! You won’t accomplish much just sitting around by yourself. You have to be a go-getter and take advantage of what you want!


Don’t forget to comment, If you visited one of the Get Involved Fairs on your Campus!!