Believe it or not, midterms are here!!! There are two ways to look at this. The first “OMG IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! WE JUST GOT HERE, I’M NOT READY!!”.


Or the second,  “I might not be excited for exams. But at least it means that we made it half way through.”


I’m not gonna lie, this year midterms are smacking me in the face. It’s like we all blinked and sped through six weeks, instantly.

But the only thing we all can do is, PREPARE.

And I mean mentally and physically. Make sure you’re getting rest, and taking care of yourself. It might seem like it’s easier to just cram the night before, and wake up completely ready. But the days leading up to your exams are crucial. Take time to study and look over your notes. See if your Professors have any study guides available. Use any empty slot during the day to browse through everything, so your not cramming it all in at one time.

And most importantly, just remember: YOU CAN DO THIS! 

And congratulate yourself on making it halfway through. Remind yourself about the little milestones along the way!