Last semester my mom and I took a trip downtown, so I could take some pictures for my photography class. It was a really simple day. We just planned to walk around and take pictures of whatever caught my eye.  I’ve walked around the Inner Harbor so many times, but this time was different.

 Since I’ve gotten more into photography, it’s helped me to notice the little things. Things that most people walk past everyday and never give a second thought.  Certain objects have somewhat of a character about them (or at least to me). Looking through a lens changes how you see the world. You start to observe everything…and I mean everything. From trash cans to flowers, I shoot whatever catches my eye. I’m growing more appreciative of the little things, and finding beauty in it all.


The afternoon couldn’t have been any better. I got to spend it with my amazing mom, we got Chic-fil-A (the love of my life), and I got to see the beautiful Harbor through a lens.

Images by: Me (Lexie T Photography)