Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre 2022 Auditions!

General Audition Information

Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre is committed to growing our diversity and inclusion at all levels: on our stage, in our audience, on our staff, and within our leadership. We seek to be inclusive and color-conscious not only in our casting but also in the works we choose to present. We aim to keep performers from historically underrepresented backgrounds visible and valued in the casting process. As such, we encourage performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and ages, to attend auditions.

You must pre register to audition. Visit our Sign-Up Genius at:

All auditions are held at CCBC Essex, 7201 Rossville Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21237

Mainstage and Cabaret auditions will be held in the AHUM Building.

For campus map and directions, visit:

For musicals, bring sheet music; accompanist will be provided.

Dance auditions will be held; dress appropriately.

For plays, no monologue necessary; be prepared to read from script.

Headshots and resumes welcome, but not required.

CCBC requires masks be worn indoors at all times at any CCBC facility. Masks must cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly around your face and chin. Masks must be worn regardless of vaccination status. If cast in the production, proof of vaccination status is required.

Contact Cockpit with questions, additional information:
Call: 443-840-ARTS (2787)



Once On This Island

Once On This Island
A Musical

Book and Lyrics By Lynn Ahrens
Music By Stephen Flaherty
Based Upon the novel “My Love, My Love” By Rosa Guy

Directed by Tom Wyatt
Show Dates: June 10 – 26

Celebrate storytelling with this rousing Calypso-flavored tale of one small girl who finds love in a world of prejudice.

Once On This Island is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Audition Dates:
Saturday, March 12, 2022 | 10am – 2pm
Sunday, March 13, 2022 | 12pm – 4pm

Character Descriptions:

TI MOUNE: young, African American female. Excellent singer and actress who can dance.  Leading Role

MAMA EURALIE: POC, female. Excellent actress who sings very well. Warm and maternal figure.

TONTON JULIAN: POC, male. Excellent actor who sings well.

ASAKA, GODDESS OF THE EARTH: African American female. Charismatic performer with powerful and beautiful singing voice.

AGWE, GOD OF WATER: any race, any gender. (Tenor / Alto) Androgynous and powerful performer, strong singing voice. Solid dance skills / ability important.

ERZULIE, GODDESS OF LOVE: POC, female. Warm hearted and lovely singing voice.

PAPA GE: any race, any gender. (Tenor / Alto) Demon of Death. Non gendered, malevolent spirit.  Strong actor needed.

DANIEL: any race, male. Handsome, young leading man. Strong and lovely singing voice.

ARMAND: any race, male. Daniel’s father. Arrogant, powerful.

ANDREA: POC, female. Young, ambitious, pretty.

VILLAGERS – ENSEMBLE OF ISLAND RESIDENTS: all races & genders. Actors who sing well and / or dance. All ages and types.



Sweet CharitySweet Charity

Book by Neil Simon, Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields
Based on an original screenplay by Frederico Fellini,
Tullio Pinelle and Ennio Flaiano
Produced for the Broadway stage by Fryer,
Carr and Harris
Conceived, Staged and Choreographed by Bob Fosse

Directed by Eric Potter
Show Dates: July 22 – August 7

Charity Hope Valentine always tries to look on the bright side of life, despite working in a rundown dance hall and contending with a seemingly endless run of bad dates. Determined to find love, Charity falls for suave actor Vittorio Vidal but their romance is all too brief. However, when Charity finds herself stuck in an elevator with the reserved Oscar Lindquist it turns out that she may have finally met her match. Sweet Charity is a Bob Fosse dance musical with popular dance numbers that include “Big Spender”, “Rich Man’s Frug”, and “The Rhythm of Life”.

SWEET CHARITY is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Tams-Witmark LLC.

Audition Dates:
Saturday, March 26, 2022 | 10am – 2pm
Sunday, March 27, 2022 | 12pm – 4pm

Character Descriptions:

CHARITY HOPE VALENTINE: Female (Alto/Mezzo) The girl who wanted to be loved. Our eponymous heroine is a taxi-dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. She is as she sounds; her three names sum her up well. Charity is kind, ambitious and in and out of love. A gullible, happy go lucky, girl next door.

HELENE: Female (Alto/Mezzo) A close friend to Charity, Helene works with her at the dance hall. Helene has probably been working at the Fandango Ballroom less time than Nickie but longer than Charity. She is feisty and confident.

NICKIE: Female (Alto/ Mezzo) A close friend to Charity, Nickie works with her at the dance hall. Nickie assumes the maternal role over the girls. She has seen it all and is quick to offer advice to Charity and the other girls. Like Charity though she has aspirations to get out.

OSCAR LINDQUIST: Male (Baritone) An educated, well-spoken American young man, shy, repressed and gawky. He works as an actuary (the most boring job in the world). He meets Charity, falls in love with her but then struggles to come to terms with Charity’s past as a taxi-dancer.

VITTORIO VIDAL: Male (Tenor) A famous Italian movie star, smooth, modest, gentle soul. Requires Italian accent.

URSULA MARCH: Female – Hot headed and jealous wife of Italian movie star, Vittorio Vidal. Has quite a flair for the dramatic.

HERMAN: Male (Tenor) The boss of the Fandango Ballroom. Not really well liked and quite authoritative but has a kind side.

DADDY BRUBECK: Male (Baritone/ Tenor) The leader of the Rhythm of Life Church. A spiritual, enigmatic but laid back kind of guy.

CARMEN: Female – Another dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. Knows Charity, Nickie and Helene. Very sarcastic.

ROSIE: Female – The hot new girl at the Fandango Ballroom. Fresh off the bus and easily corrupted.

ENSEMBLE: Sweet Charity is a brilliant ensemble show with fantastic song and dance sequences. There are many small featured speaking roles in the show, as well as featured dancer roles. Some of the roles listed above are also members of the ensemble during parts of the show.



Night WatchNight Watch

By Lucille Fletcher

Directed by Linda Chambers
Show Dates: June 11 – 26

SETTING & LOCATION: 1970’s. Mid-winter. A sitting/living room in an upscale apartment building in a crowded metropolitan city, like, but not necessarily, NYC.

A cross between Rear Window and Gaslight. Elaine Wheeler may or may not have witnessed a
murder in the house across the alleyway from her apartment. She spends her days and nights trying to convince everyone – her loving husband, her devoted nurse, even the police – that she has. The city is overwhelmed with crime and her constant calls serve only to irritate them. The police are disinclined to believe a wealthy, privileged woman, particularly when her own husband doesn’t. Her husband, frantic with worry, is on the brink of sending Elaine for a rest
cure in Geneva. And how loving is her husband, or devoted her nurse? Why do images and items from her first disastrous marriage keep appearing – a piece of jewelry, a number, and more?

Not everyone thinks Elaine is hallucinating. Her loyal housekeeper and a nosy neighbor both believe she has seen something … what, they aren’t sure – but they are certain Elaine is sane. Or is she? And how loyal is her housekeeper and just what is the motivation behind the neighbor’s constant intrusion?

Night Watch is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Audition Dates:
Saturday, March 12, 2022 | 10am – 2pm
Sunday, March 13, 2022 | 12pm – 4pm

Character Descriptions:

ELAINE WHEELER: 40’s – 50’s, heiress to a fortune, privileged, recovering from a recent nervous breakdown. She has been mentally fragile for years, ever since her traumatic first marriage and her first husband’s grizzly death.

JOHN WHEELER: late 40’s – 50’s, her second husband, in stocks and bonds at present; what exactly is his past?

HELGA: the German housekeeper/maid; devoted to Elaine and suspicious of John.

OFFICER VANELLI: young police officer with an interest in fine art, was a guard at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and took night classes in art before joining the force.

APPLEBY: older, eccentric neighbor, publisher of a small weekly newspaper, with an interest in true crime; knows the dark history of the building across the way and a little too much about everyone else’s past history.

BLANCHE COOKE: late 30’s – 40’s, pleasant, efficient, Elaine’s nurse and friend for the last eight years. She is in the process of moving to another city to start a new job.

LIEUTENANT WALKER: Head of homicide; dealing with a rising crime rate and has no patience with Elaine and no problem telling her so.

DR. TRACEY LAKE: Middle-aged woman, psychiatrist sent for by John for the purpose of evaluating Elaine’s mental state.

SAM HOKE: another neighbor (a brief appearance)

NIGHT WATCH opens June 11. Tech will begin June 3. Rehearsals will begin in March. Please list all conflicts, evenings and weekends.



By Colman Domingo

Directed by Richelle “Rikki” Howie
Show Dates: July 23 – August 7 

The holidays are always a wild family affair at the Shealy house. But this year, Dotty and her three grown children gather with more than exchanging presents on their minds. As Dotty struggles to hold on to her memory, her children must fight to balance care for their mother and care for themselves. This twisted and hilarious new play grapples unflinchingly with aging parents, midlife crises, and the heart of a West Philly neighborhood.

Auditions will consist of cold readings; not all readings will be from the script.

Rehearsals: mix of virtual and in person

Looking to multicultural cast, an amazing ensemble piece.

Dot is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Audition Dates:
Saturday, March 26, 2022 | 10am – 2pm
Sunday, March 27, 2022 | 12pm – 4pm

Character Descriptions:

DOTTY: (female 60+ African American) Character is Martha Stewart meets Claire Huxtable type; obsessive, almost compulsive; thinks lightning quick. Matriarch of the family who is losing her memory, losing her sense of what home is. How is she going to keep this together? Is it inside of her? Can she find it in time? African American descent.

Shelly: (female 40+ African American ) Dotty’s daughter, a lawyer, oldest daughter and single mother who looks after Dot often at the expense of her own legal career. Does she carry resentment?

Jackie: (female 40+ Caucasian /European Descent) Jewish; ex-girlfriend to Donnie. Former next-door neighbor now living in NYC is back to visit, staying in her parents’ home that she hasn’t sold since they passed.

Donnie: (male 40+ African American) married to Adam; son of Dotty; handsome, masculine, fit; plays piano. Middle child struggling (unemployed) music critic and writer who lives in NYC.

Adam: (40+ Caucasian/ Latin/ other descent) married to Donnie, buff specimen of a man.

Averie: (female 30+ African American) Youngest daughter of Dotty; brash, aspiring actress who’s been crashing in the basement while money is tight.

Fidel: (male 18+ from Kazakhstan) mid to late 20s; caretaker of Dotty; good-looking.

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    Could Sam Hoke be played by a 48 yr old man with ADHD and some learning disabilities but has a phenomenal memory. My son could possibly do a very good job if you are looking for diversity. Thank you.

    • ckratovil

      Thanks for your interest. We welcome everyone to audition!

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