CCBC’s secret weapon is not dollars; it is the talent, skill and commitment of our faculty and staff. With an extraordinary can-do spirit, our people sign on year after year to support the students who walk through our doors. That is how, each year, nearly 13,000 of roughly 50,000 students achieve something important to them and their families: a degree or a certification. That is how CCBC was able to keep its doors open during the pandemic to support the 8,000-10,000 students who could not study remotely. And since that dark time, that is how we have built out – and are ready to roll out – the many phases of a new student journey that CCBC faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to create over the past two years.

While serving CCBC students is our first priority, we are also dedicated to meeting the needs of our employees, the people upon whom we depend to teach and to support those students. Many institutions talk about building a culture of care. At CCBC we try to live it, creating an environment in which both students and employees feel valued, supported, and encouraged to do the great work that takes place in our classrooms, offices, and student gathering spaces every day. Our college’s strategic agenda: something we call CCBC’s “5 Bold Mission Centric Strokes” proudly declares our “support for our people.”

Of course, first in the minds of most employees are competitive salary and benefits. To ensure that CCBC ranks first or second in all salary categories statewide, our Human Resources team spent the year working with a national consultant on a massive review of all of the college’s compensation and classification scales. The result: all salary scales and classification metrics are now significantly upgraded to be market competitive.

However, a dedicated cadre of faculty and staff require more than salary enhancements; they want work/life balance and career advancement. College-wide workplace enhancements include professional development opportunities; facility updates such as office upgrades and state-of-the-art equipment both in and out of the classroom; flexible summer and telework schedules; wellness clinics and generous medical and life insurance options. These benefits are hard evidence of our commitment to “leading with equity” to ensure that every employee – from custodian to executive – is treated with courtesy and respect.

We understand that the fine reputation our college has earned is carried on the shoulders of our faculty and staff. Full-time or part-time, they embrace the college’s open-door mission that extends opportunity to the many who might otherwise never find it. If you come to work with us and fall in love with our mission, you stay for decades. If you do not, your stay is brief; the work is just too hard! Our proof lies in the hundreds of faculty and staff who retire after 20, 30, 40, or 50 years (not an exaggeration)! It is little wonder that we say with pride that we work hard to invest in the people upon whom we depend to teach and support out students.