Throughout 2017 we have celebrated CCBC’s Diamond Anniversary, reflecting on the “brilliance” that has defined the college’s impact on hundreds of thousands of students over the past 60 years. I hope you had the chance to participate in one of the many CCBC events commemorating this notable milestone in our history.

Over the past 12 months, CCBC has touched thousands of lives: students who attend class on campus and those who take advantage of online learning opportunities; faculty and staff who make CCBC a wonderful place to both learn and work; volunteers who give of their time and their talents to forward the mission of CCBC; and our generous donors, who see the value in what we do and show it through their unfailing financial and in-kind support.

We have welcomed countless members of the community to on-campus music, dance and theater performances, art gallery shows, lectures and athletic events. Our home is your home, your community is our community.

This year we have worked to highlight, celebrate, and honor the people who – since our founding in 1957 – have built the college we are today. Our anniversary theme, “CCBC. 60 Years. Brilliant.,” captures the pride and joy we share in being a part of CCBC and its rich heritage: “the power of one, built on the strength of three!”

As a final celebration of this spirit, I share with you this year’s holiday video greeting, crafted from a year’s worth of snapshots of 60th anniversary smiles. Here’s to heartfelt good wishes for the year to come and to 60 more years of that special brand of CCBC brilliance. We will continue to make memories together – one person, one course, one brilliant idea at a time.

Happy holidays from your friends at CCBC!