On June 1, 2019, CCBC will graduate 3,249 students, representing hundreds of new nurses, accountants, educators, counselors, computer technicians, and almost any other profession you might name.  These graduates are well prepared to enter the workplace or move on to one of our four-year partners to finish the credentialing job with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. Our faculty have prepared them well, and their futures are bright.

CCBC staff look forward to welcoming new College Promise students to campus.

However, our thoughts now turn to those who come behind them – new students entering CCBC seeking a credential to earn a living wage for their families without being strapped with a mountain of debt. This scenario is being played out across the nation with families searching for ways to turn what seems to be an impossible task – affording college – into a reality.

Blessedly for us at CCBC, the state of Maryland and Baltimore County have both launched new College Promise Programs to make a college degree attainable for qualified students within the region. Recently I had an opportunity to share my thoughts on the amazing benefits of Promise through an Op Ed feature in the Baltimore Sun.  In sum, well-educated graduates are among the many gifts CCBC offers to our communities.  Two College Promise programs will now help us do that better than ever.

I encourage you to read and find out how: Cost-free college is an investment in communities.