Celebrating 2021 Arts Graduates!

Resilient. Creative. Courageous.

This has been a year like no other in the performing arts, and we are proud of our graduating students, who overcame obstacles, acquired new skills, and maintained their commitment to excellence to finish what they started. All these young artists proved themselves in this past year, and we are thrilled to celebrate their accomplishments as they graduate from CCBC and move on to the next steps on their journeys.

Enjoy these stories of determination and resourcefulness and help us cheer on their success!


At CCBC I was able to expand my skills of animation and visual effects by taking classes that allowed me to experiment with different techniques, materials, and software. This along with the friendly staff always willing to help is why I was able to succeed! However, my skills are not complete, so I plan on going to a four-year college. Before that, I want to take the year off to rest and work on personal projects. I just began production on a video game with my friends and I hope to use the skills I learned at CCBC in the making of the game!

Terence will be attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in the fall with a concentration in illustration. During his time at CCBC, he maintained a 4.0 GPA and was featured in the Becoming 2021 gallery and the Community Book Connection Student Showcase. Upon finishing his education, he plans to create illustrations in various genres of entertainment and eventually create a studio in the entertainment industry.

My time at CCBC has been great, I’ve met a lot of great people and I’ve learned so much from all my Art professors. Starting off at CCBC, I didn’t know which route to take, as far as which medium I would enjoy working with the most. I’ve had a great understanding of each medium, whether it was charcoal, pencil, ceramics, digital or painting. I love them all! I thank my professors for helping me along the way especially through the pandemic. The support and encouraging words made it easier for me. Thank you ALL for believing in me and bringing my creativity to its highest potential! I also appreciate being the recipient of the Three Arts Club of Homeland Award of Painting! Thanks professor Sharon again. I appreciate all my professors, Trish and Jessica. You three helped me so much and I appreciate everything you did for me!

Ayanna will be graduating this spring from CCBC with an Associate of Fine Arts and a Certificate in Graphic Design! Beginning her CCBC career as a dual-enrollment high school student, Ayanna was able to refine her skills as an artist and made friends along the way! Ayanna will be transferring to Pratt Institute for a BFA in Communication Design.

After graduating from Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, Janae Jacobs was the recipient of the 2019 CCBC Cardinal Scholarship. While at CCBC, Janae was a member of the Art Club and succeeded in being placed on the Dean’s List for every semester while attending. From there, she would go on to complete an associate’s degree in Fine Art and Visual Design. After applying and being accepted to UMBC, MICA, MCAD, Towson University, and Bowie State University, Janae decided to commit to the University of Maryland Baltimore County and pursue the major of animation for the upcoming 2021 fall semester.

Keonne sends congratulations to all her fellow grads! She had much on her plate while studying at CCBC. She is a salon owner and unexpectedly became a caregiver for her father. It was a challenging experience, but also rewarding. Keonne was on the dean’s list several semesters. She thanks her supportive husband and professors. In the future, she will incorporate art and design into her salon business. She also plans to start another business focused on graphic design.

As a graduate of Randallstown High School, Jeremy came to CCBC with high hopes. He thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum for the Associate of Fine Arts in Motion Graphics and Animation. He absorbed all the information he could from his professors and expanded his knowledge on 3D creations, color, and animation. He hopes to use his experience to further his education at Stevenson University in the fall.

My time at CCBC has been awesome. I was able to get on the dean’s list in every semester, so I was academically successful during my time. All my professors were great, even when we went remote; they handled the transition well and I still felt like I was able to learn a lot. I was able to have work put into the Becoming 2021 gallery show and the Community Book Connection, which made me feel that I have really improved as an artist. I have been accepted into UMBC for animation. As I continue my education, I’ll always be happy I’ve experienced the AFA program at CCBC.


Dorien Carroll has been dancing at CCBC for three years. He attended the Baltimore School for the Arts. He has enjoyed the process of exploring and experimenting with movement for the pieces that he is in. He had this to say about the current semester and his experiences here at CCBC: “This semester is very different from any other semester. I’m at CCBC to grow not only as a person, but as an artist.”

Maegan has been dancing at CCBC for two years. This semester she is enjoying being physically able to be on campus and dance with new and existing friends. She is dancing at CCBC because dancing makes her happy and dancing with awesome people and being taught by equally amazing people makes her happy. Maegan is also the recipient of the 2020-2021 Outstanding Achievement in Dance Company Award.


Emily is a Voice major and a testament to perseverance, resilience, and passion for learning in earning her degree here at CCBC.  I had the pleasure of working with Emily through her voice studies; her beautiful soprano voice will be truly missed. I applaud her in this accomplishment. – Rebecca Ocampo, Associate Professor


I started acting very young doing community theatre. A visual arts Patapsco HS graduate turned theatre major in college, I carved out a little place for myself at CCBC. My first production was Argonautika as Castor. The same year, I worked blood FX for Hand to God. I was also on the writing crew for CCBC’s adaption of Frankenstein and played Robert Walton when it was performed. I hope to transfer to Gettysburg College to continue my performance theatre practice and to study directing.

I began CCBC four years ago in fall 2017. CCBC has truly changed my life, from being able to embrace myself and harness my potential and talents coming from high school, and to opening myself up to the world of theatre and the arts. I’ve been in seven CCBC theatre productions both cast and crew:  Choir Boy (fall 2017); Uprising plays (spring 2018); Working, A Musical (fall 2018); The Verge (fall 2018); She Kills Monsters (fall 2019); Our Lady of Kibeho (spring 2020); Clean Slate (fall 2020).

I’ve learned what it means to be a part of something bigger than just me with CCBC theatre. And I am beyond grateful for these past four years, and for the future and its endless possibilities. I will be pursuing my career in music/performing arts as an artist this point forward. And I hope you will see me again at the Grammys and so much more! Much love.

Elijah is a truly gifted singer who constantly blows us away with his voice. He’s also proven himself a talented actor and writer. We are thrilled to see him graduate and wish him the best of luck in what comes next. – Damon Krometis, Assistant Professor

Oriana Silva Montes is graduating with an AFA in Fine & Performing ArtsTheatre, and was the recent recipient of the Three Arts Club of Homeland Award for Theatre. Since her first day at CCBC, Oriana has been a stellar student with incredible theatrical instincts. She has demonstrated top-notch course work in design, acting, writing, and script analysis. She will go far as she transfers. – Damon Krometis, Assistant Professor

grad Yatti Banks
Yatti Banks
grad Terence Brady
Terence Brady
grad Jasmin Clarke
Jasmin Clarke
grad Ayanna Graham
Ayanna Graham
grad Janae Jacobs
Janae Jacobs
grad Keonne Sullivan-Johnson
Keonne Sullivan-Johnson
grad Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith
grad Mya Smith
Mya Smith
Dorien Carroll
Dorien Carroll photo credit Amy Jones Photography
Maegan Read photo credit Amy Jones Photography
Emily Gilliard
Emily Gilliard - Voice Major
grad Peter Carey
Peter Carey
grad Elijah Gross
Elijah C. Gross - AFA Degree Graduate with concentration in theatre performance
grad Oriana Silva Montes
Oriana Silva Montes - AFA Degree Graduate with concentration in theatre performance

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