MD Humanities Presents Chautauqua 2020

It’s July, and that means time for Chautauqua (shuh-taw-kwa)! As a result of the ongoing pandemic and in consideration for the health and safety of everyone involved, Chautauqua is taking the virtual stage. For the past 15 years CCBC has partnered with Maryland Humanities to present Chautauqua. This year, we invite you to join in virtually for “Chautauqua 2020: Raising Their Voices,” exploring the lives of four notable women and their struggle for equality.

“We look forward to a future large with promise and hope.” — Mary Church Terrell

This summer, the Chautauqua stage goes virtual as Maryland Humanities raises the voices of four notable women who took action to secure their right to vote. The performances will highlight the unique story of each of these historic figures as they fought for their rights. This year’s series starts in the 1600s and continues through the modern era.

In July, Chautauqua will feature a performance and a live Q&A which will give attendees the chance to engage with the performers and ask questions about each of these remarkable women.

MARGARET BRENT performed by Mary Ann Jung
July 6–12, 2020: Video of performance posted online
July 8, 2020: Live viewing and Q&A – register

ALICE PAUL performed by Joanna Guy & Elizabeth Cannon
July 13–19, 2020: Video of performance posted online
July 15, 2020: Live viewing and Q&A – register

MARY CHURCH TERRELL performed by Sherrie Tolliver
July 20–26, 2020: Video of performance posted online
July 22, 2020: Live viewing and Q&A – register

FANNIE LOU HAMER performed by Arthuretta Holmes Martin
July 27–August 1, 2020: Video of performance posted online
July 29, 2020: Live viewing and Q&A – register

A video of each performance will be posted for 1 week and can be viewed on the Maryland Humanities website, Facebook page and Youtube channel.

On Wednesdays, audiences may join in at 1pm for a viewing of the performance followed by a live Q&A with the performers starting at 2pm. Sign up at the Maryland Humanities website to participate in the Q&A and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win fun prizes. 

Learn more and register at 

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  • Sharon Silverman

    We watched the presentation by Margaret Brent. She was marvelous! Funny how many names we mispronounce. So glad you are presenting this year’s Chautauqua online.

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