Music Forum Montage, Part 1

Spring 2019 Music Forums at CCBC are underway. The first performance, or in this case presentation, included an interactive seminar with suggestions to maintain your physical and mental health. Audience members were encouraged to participate at the direction of Dr. John Morgan and Professor Monica Otal. Among the many suggestions given were: find your key, make the music work for you, and don’t not do a song just because it’s not in your range.

Melissa Wimbish, Soprano delighted our stage by “Reclaiming My American Song”, accompanied by Molly Orlando on the piano. Melissa quotes Josephine Baker “Use your talents to do great things.” Her selections included songs from Showboat and The Birth Project; noting Emily Dickinson is a poet whose works have been set to music. She advised to not set limits, if it helps you do it and be proud of your choices!

Our 3rd week of Music Forums brings a familiar face, Professor Brian Comotto who’s been with CCBC since 2004 as the Coordinator of the Music Production and Audio Recording Technology Certificate Program. Brian led us through the 20th century, paying homage to some of his favorite American Master composers.

Join us each Friday at 12:20 p.m. in the Recital Hall at CCBC Essex, unless otherwise indicated on our website,

Melissa Wimbish, soprano Assisted by Molly Orlando, piano
Brian Comotto tickles the ivories & sings a few 20th century tunes

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