Celebrating 100 Years of Bernstein

Our Music Forum on Friday, November 16 will include words and music as we trace the musical and personal path of Leonard Bernstein’s career and influence on American and global music. CCBC Professors Christopher Wolfe, Monica Otal and Dean Bill Watson join forces to celebrate the centennial of Bernstein, truly one of America’s greatest musicians.

Leonard Bernstein was born on August 25, 1918, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. His style of conducting has often been described as flamboyant, inspired and voracious. He was one of the first American-born conductors to lead world-class orchestras, his big break came in 1943 where he conducted the New York Philharmonic. Among his many accomplishments, he composed the score for the Broadway musical West Side Story. After battling emphysema, he died at the age of 72.

Discussions will include Monica Otal who will speak about Bernstein’s life and his vocal/choral music. Bill Watson will speak about how West Side Story changed American Musical Theater, and Chris Wolfe will speak about Bernstein’s achievements, his life, his Young People’s Concerts and educational TV shows. Chris will also share his own musical experiences with the great maestro/composer.

And what would a Music Forum be without music? Monica and Chris will perform excerpts of the first work ever published by Bernstein, a clarinet sonata. And tuba student, Timothy Olivella, recipient of the Outstanding Music Student of the Year in May 2018, will play a piece written for Bernstein’s brother’s dog, Mippy.

Historical, biographical, musical facts together with recorded and live musical examples of the great composer/conductor/pianist, a fabulous way to spend your Friday afternoon!

Friday, November 16, 12:20 PM-1:20 PM | CCBC Essex, Arts & Humanities Hall | Recital Hall 

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Monica Otal

Photo credit: Paul de Hueck, courtesy the Leondard Bernstein Office, Inc.
Photo courtesy of www.classicfm.com/Amy MacKenzie
Photo by Don Hunstein (1958), courtesy of Sony Masterworks

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