Little Mermaid Tech Check

Before this summer season at Cockpit in Court, Jillian Bauersfeld was seated as part of the audience. Today she is able to experience the creative process as the Director of The Little Mermaid. Jillian says Cockpit was always supportive of her vision and helped to bring it to life, with the addition of each element the excitement of the show grew. In the Heights would be her dream production, she loves the music, movement and energy of the summer. She feels the messages are strong and show the beauty of a culture, a show the theatre community would love. After living in Baltimore for the past 11 years, with mixed emotions, Jillian will be relocating to Georgia but says she will always have the Baltimore theatre community with her.

From the age of six, Jake Stuart, Assistant Director, has been involved with musical theater. He was one of the leads in Cockpit’s Sister Act, and prior to this show, a lead in both The Wedding Singer and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Jake has performed in nearly 100 productions in the Baltimore area, including several at Cockpit in Court. At age 27,  The Little Mermaid is the 3rd show he’s been the assistant director. His goal is to be directing, on his own, very soon. The community theatre is part of his family life, his wife is also big into the community theatre scene. By day Jake is a Fire Lieutenant with the Baltimore County Fire Department and a soon-to-be dad, he and his wife are expecting their first child.

Making an orchestra with mostly digital instruments and filling the theatre with big sound is a technical challenge Brent Tomchik, Sound Designer, successfully completed.  There are a decent amount of moving parts in audio, sacrifices need to be made, while making sure everyone’s technical insecurities are alleviated and their needs are met. At the same time, Brent enjoys learning new equipment, discovering the workflow of the actors and band members, a way to keep his mind open in work. He enjoys anything sound related, it’s his bread and butter and what he truly enjoys. Theatre is not the only venue he can be found designing sound, he’s done sound work for small indie video games that were never completed, and co-founded the Technical Theatre Club at Ft. Meade Senior High School which is now operating at the command of the students and with the help from original member Kevin Koperski. Brent is mindful of  the audience’s ears, while trying to give them an emotional, physical experience with the music. When it all comes together you know it. You can feel it.

Jillian Bauersfeld and creative staff ready for rehearsal
Brent Tomchik making the sound right.

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