I write to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. As our college – along with our country – continues to move into a new era, I encourage all of us to value the many ways in which we are blessed. Deep down we all know that family and friends are what matters most. No matter the role each of us plays at CCBC, we are all a part of an extended CCBC family, supporting a mission as important today as it was at our founding 60 years ago. The very word “Thanksgiving” suggests this season is a good time to reaffirm and celebrate both our differences and our common bonds.

Whatever the specifics of your Thanksgiving Day celebration, I hope it is joyful and fulfilling, a time to be well fed and well sustained by the love and fellowship of friends and family. I look forward to hosting a hungry horde of 15 and falling back on an old family tradition from our Italian relatives of serving homemade ravioli – which I shall make myself – rather than the more traditional thanksgiving fare.

This holiday week I will be thoughtful and thankful, both for them and for all of you.